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Software Intern at TIBCO Jaspersoft

Created a Standalone Mobile Web Application using React.js to demonstrate the capabilities of a javascript library for embedding reports, visualizations and analytics. More...

Software Intern at Corona Labs

Worked with core engineering team on platform features such as integration of Steamworks. Initiated the development of an automated test suite for Corona SDK via Xcode Testing Framework. More...

Independent contractor for Corona Native

I develop Corona Native plugins that bridge C++/Objective-C/Java with Lua and Corona SDK. More...

Cofounder and Lead Engineer of Eternal5

Started a company that was based around a game about the 2012 Presidential elections. Read Article...


Explore independent project that I have done in the past for fun and hackathons!

  • Mu

    Developed an iOS app with Swift that collected brainwave and heartrate data through Muse API and watchOS. Designed data structures for brainwave analysis though machine learning via Naïve Bayes. More...

  • Programmable LED Lights

    Programmed LED lights to visualize music. Additionally created an iOS app to control patterns and colors remotely. Watch demo 1, demo 2

  • Boost

    Co-created a mobile application for seamless micro donations to charity organizations. Built an iOS app that displayed available organizations and donation options in Objective-C. More...

  • BlackFin

    Designed and built information-sharing technologies for modernizing the Port Supply Chain. Used Swift for front-end design; app listed and scheduled available jobs for specific users based on geolocation.

  • Independent Study: Artificial Intelligence

    Completed the UC Berkley’s CS 188 online course, learning about autonomous decision agents and machine learning algorithms. Built a professional level chess bot in C++ and Python using various artificial intelligence techniques. More...

  • Melodize

    Attended Hacking Generation Y hackathon for high school students with two group members. Created an app in Objective-C that records user humming or singing and creates a music track with instruments. Learned about sound mixing through Pure Data computer music system (libpd) and Fast Fourier Transforms. More...

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